Over the weekend, I found myself talking to a friend about getting some merch printed for his personal brand. I, of course, wanted to know who he had talked to and what other offers he had gotten, and all of the companies he had talked to said that their screen-printing was OUTSOURCED and NOT IN HOUSE. 

Something that sets JG apart from - the other guys - is that we do all of our work IN HOUSE. Vinyl, Screen-printing, you name it and we got it! In house printing means your order is handled in the same building. Rather than having to call multiple people, or have endless amounts of emails, all just trying to get in contact with someone who actually worked on your order, our team at JG personally handles each and every order, so you know exactly who to get in touch with, and you know exactly who is printing your shirts, hoodies, and stickers!

So the next time you want to get some custom shirts, hoodies, stickers or vinyl, think JG Graphics!

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