Screen Printing Techniques

Plastisol Ink

  • More Vibrant (opaque) Colors
  • Good for matching specific colors (Pantone matching)
  • Thicker Feel / Heavier Print (hand of the print)
  • Most cost efficient Option
  • Most widely used printing technique
  • Can be printed on any garment 

Water Based Ink

  • Softer Feel / Softer Print (Hand of Print)
  • Higher Quality Printing (Fashion Forward)
  • Recommended for brands 
  • Limitations on some garment colors and styles
  • Vibrant Colors dependent on garment limitations 
  • Best on Lighter Garments


  • Additive to Water based ink (extracts the garment dye and replaces with print color)
  • Used on darker garments
  • Softer Feel / Softer Hand (Hand of Print)
  • Higher Quality Printing (Fashion Forward)
  • v


  • fjjfjf
  • No underbase to achieve the distressed / vintage look

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