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Markham XC | Hooded Sweatshirt - Red


Cotton / Poly Blend - Hooded Sweatshirt

Front: Main XC Logo 2019

Markham XC | Hooded Sweatshirt - Red


When will my items ship?

All items will ship two weeks after the close of th online store. See store description for more details and information.

Who do I call for questions?

Reach out to a team member at JG Graphics for any questions or concerns.

Phone - 916-400-0638

Email -

What's our favorite t-shirt?

Funny you should ask...all the team members have different favorites but to name a few:

  • Next Level Blend
  • Comfort Colors
  • Gildan (Sergio Only)

Why is there shopping?

There is shipping because the person in charge of the online store choose for all items to be shipped per each order. This way it will be delivered directly to your address of choice.


Shipping Information

All items will be shipped two weeks after the close of the store. Be patient as we create quality products! Thank you in advance.

Order tracking

We run the store for a certain amount of time, so look at the details in the store description for exact dates. You'll be able to track your order once we ship it from our headquarters.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or even just want to come by the shop and give us a high five...because we know how much you liked your quality product.

Phone: 916-400-0638


About us


We are located in Rancho Cordova in the barrel district. We have been here for 4 years and all customers are welcome to come by to say hi, order goods, and also get a shop tour.

Our Press

We print on a fully automatic ROQ press that allows us to print high quality at a high rate. Order today and see for yourself!

Business History

We have been in business for 5 years (now 2024) and started in th industry in 2011 when Jared and Justin started getting an interest in apparel through a company they started called Waya Life...which turned into StandardCloCo. The first press was one Jared built out of wood in their Chico State house!